Monday, March 19, 2012

Photo A Day - One Year ago

I just re-read my post from 3-19-11 here - I remember that day so vividly...and here we are one amazing year later. My heart is full again - with gratitude. I still can't always believe that I get to be E's mommy. As I re-read my post and remembered all of my prayer requests - it is so encouraging to see how God answered prayer over and over again. My dear friend Becky traveled with me on our "gotcha" was her first trip out of the country! Can you imagine? Her very first trip away from the US - was to Vladimir...she was so brave! And such an encouragement and support to me - I never could have made it without her. We had such a wonderful time together - it was an unforgettable trip.
We traveled through DC and then Munich finally arriving in Moscow. Our connection in Munich was super tight and we did run a bit of the way to make the flight. But we made it with all of our luggage in tact - only one minor problem - the handle of my roller bag suitcase never went back down again after I first rolled it to the aerotel that night. I have to say everyone who helped me with that bag fought with it and no one was ever able to get it to close back up :) Oh well - that was the biggest glitch so I would say I'll take it. More about our gotcha trip in days to come....I neglected to post many of the details a year ago and I want to document it for E. I want her to know what an incredible week that changing. I'd do it again in a heartbeat...the whole four years of wait were worth it.
Here's what my bed looked like one year ago...

Maybe that explains why the handle got stuck in the out position :)

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