Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo A Day - One Year ago

It's hard to believe that, this time last year, I was in Russia on trip three of four. It was by far the easiest trip. Trip one is all about anticipation, traveling alone to Moscow, meeting my little ladybug for the first time. Spending time with her, saying Yes! she is my daughter and I will adopt her. The eight doctor medical visit in Moscow - just plain strange. Trip one was wonderful, but very stressful. Trip two - COURT - need I say more? Trip three? It was a trip of hoop jumping - for some reason the Vladimir region requires that, after the mandatory 10 day wait period following court, at least one parent apply, in person, for the child's passport in their new name. After applying there is yet another wait...two to three weeks to pickup said passport and spring your kiddo from the baby house. If they would have let me visit her regularly during the two to three week wait I think I just would have stayed, but that was not to be. And so - trip three....to apply for the passport.
I did get to have one sweet hour with E. on that trip - not nearly long enough! And then they whisked me away to Kovrov - the city where my sweet girl was born. Kovrov is only about an hour and a half from Vladimir City on the Klayazma River. It was a beautiful, sunny, day. Lots of snow still on the ground. The drive was gorgeous. And I was grateful to have Dimitry as my driver (in his very comfy black expedition :) While he and Marina chatted away in the front seat, I relaxed in the back seat, listening to worship music on my ipad. It was peaceful...and I didn't even mind when, once we arrived in Kovrov, it took us 2 1/2 hours to find the registrars office we needed in order to have E's paperwork released to us. This so we could return to Vladimir City and apply for her passport the next day. It was almost comedic as we pulled over multiple times so that Marina could ask people where to find the specific office that would have E's original registration when she was born - many times we stopped these little babushkas (grannies) and they pointed and yelled and (I assume) gave further directions. And no wonder we couldn't find it! It was out in the middle of nowhere in a soviet era, 2 story, cement, unmarked building. It overwhelms me even as I write this, one year later, to remember how peaceful that experience was. I just knew - this is where You want me right now, Lord. And I was along for the ride. I'm not usually a patient person when it comes to road trips - especially without junk food and a good buddy to chat away with, but on this trip I didn't even have to pee my usual every hour or so! Thank You, Lord - because public restrooms are scarce in this part of the world.
It was ALL so worth it! I got to see the city where my sweet girl was born. I can't wait to visit it with yo someday E.!

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