Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Know

On Friday E. and I were in the car. I told her, in Russian, "I love you". She got this big grin on her face and she said, "I know!"
Warms my heart!
Yesterday, also in the car, she spontaneously told me, "Mama, I love you" in English. That's the first time she has said it first :)
Life is good!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 14 weeks home....and 4th of July

Sigh...where does the time go? I can't believe Miss E has been home for 14 weeks - over three months.
Right now she is laying on her bed next to me fighting going to she is making her mama a bit crazy! Oh those busy hands and toes - even when there is nothing in your bed but a pillow and some soft blankies you can find ways to entertain yourself with fingers and toes. Sweet girl - I know that is leftover from nights in the baby house, and partly it's just being three, so I try to stay patient and compassionate about it.
It is amazing how many new words she has and how strong she is getting - hanging from anything that will hold her weight (and some things that won't, ha!)jumping like crazy, riding her tricycle (I wish I could write out how she says this word it's really cute, but I'm not sure what letters to use.) When we went to Child Find (Colorado's early intervention program) back in late April, two of the skills they wanted her to work on were jumping and riding a tricycle - she has both of those down! Our dear friend, Kelly, fixed up her trike with pink streamers and a Princess water bottle holder - she is just tickled with the results.
E. enjoyed her first home-made vanilla ice cream yesterday along with some BBQ ribs - I think she is officially "American". We talked quite a bit about how it was America's birthday and we were celebrating. My sister is quite the "pyro" so we had a bit of our own fireworks extravaganza in the front yard - E. was pretty nervous about the loud sounds. But the firework in the shape of a chicken that blew a balloon out it's butt was a big hit - I don't know how to explain it better than that.
Swimming continues to be a favorite for the little Pixie - in fact tonight she was pretending that mama's bed and bedroom were the swimming pool and she was making all her best swimming motions including counting to jump off the side. Too cute.
Some of the latest photos...
"Really, Mom?"
Happiness is being outside, hanging around in your swimsuit.
Watching the sea lions at the zoo.
Cheese....she finally smiles both spontaneously and for photos!
On your mark, get set.....
Holding hands with sweet.
Jumping on the trampoline....with water! What more could a girl ask for?
Maybe a sprinkler, too? Emily, you rock!