Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eleven Weeks

Home eleven is that even possible? Summer is full swing around here and we've enjoyed a day at the zoo, days at the pool, lots of water play. E. loves to be outside so rainy days are tricky. Thankfully we've had some more sunny days this past week. One day it was raining and she told me - "all done rain" Too funny. She is learning tons of new words, understanding more each day, she is just a delightful little girl. I'm so grateful I get to be her mom!
I love this photo - it really shows what a joyful little heart she has.

Her little legs are getting so strong - she can actually ride the trike! Love the ladybug glasses too - Auntie bought those.

My little water baby.

This bird cracked her up. Silly bird!

Fun at the zoo - she loved the zebras - they are way in the background.

The carousel was a big hit - she's looking back at Becky and Kelly in this one.

More fun on the carousel


Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have so many things I'd like to share about here on E.'s blog, but I have to admit to being pooped by the time I get her into bed at night. Whew! I often find myself feeling as sleepy as she looks in the picture above. This was taken after a wonderful day at the zoo with Syd and friends Becky and Kelly. We really had a blast, but she was out for the car ride home. I promise to catch up more soon with lots of pictures.