Wednesday, August 31, 2011

E's Mommy

E. is very adamant that I am HER mommy - as opposed to anyone else's, I suppose. My friend Becky watched E. for me on Sunday and she mentioned that after I left E. told her over and over again that I am her mommy. Today, when I dropped her off at Emily's, I heard her telling the other kids and Emily - "E.'s Mommy" multiple times.
I have to wonder if she isn't just so thrilled to have her own mommy - she doesn't have to share. I wonder if she is reminding herself when she says it over and over again - "that's my mom....mine!" What must it have been like to spend her first almost three years without this? Oh, how I wish I could have brought you home forever the day you were born.
Yes, E., I am YOUR forever mommy. Forever! And I'm mighty proud of it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Words That End in "A" and Other Such Silliness

Where does the time go? Tomorrow E. and I have been together 5 months! Crazy how the time flies.
She is learning so much - this morning while I was getting breakfast ready she started counting....she has not done this before at all...two, three, four, five....funny that she starts at two - I think that is her favorite number. She is always telling me "Look-a mama, two..." and she holds up two fingers and shows me two dogs, two balloons, two crackers, two whatever.
E. adds the letter "A" to many of the words she knows...she uses the short "a" sound. I want to remember this so I'm sharing it here. It's really very cute.
It really is added to so many of her words...too cute.
We have also been on a progression from using the word "Da" (Russian for Yes) to "Yes" - just this weekend she started saying "Yes" very emphatically. She definitely was only using Da when she was first home, and then for quite awhile she was saying "Yah" for yes...natural progression. I have to admit it's kind of sad to say goodbye to "Da" in her vocabulary.
There are a couple of Russian words (or at least E's Russian) she still uses - "sheesa" for bath and "adoot-koo" for excuse me. It cracks me up when she tells Cleo or Lucy (my furry children) "adoot-koo Cleo" or "adoot-koo Lucy" when she wants them to get out of her way.
Here are a few pictures from a day at the children's museum with Emily.

So high!

My little flower...

Composing a master piece, of course :)