Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

What a lovely weekend. Yesterday we had an E. and mommy day - just hanging out at home...we tickled, played, we planned a grocery store trip and survived without any extra purchases...I always consider it a victory when I exit the store with nothing more than what I planned to buy :)
It was a very nice day. Last night I was thinking about what a great balance there was between interacting and playing and then doing our own thing....I got chores done she played happily by herself. I feel like that is something really new - it has taken a long time to develop. I feel so grateful...
E. is such an extrovert and days with just she and I are sometimes hard for her - she loves the interaction with people and of course with her friends. But I also see how too much stimulation sends her easily over the edge and she becomes a puddle of tears....enter Boo at the Zoo....too much fun....too much candy.....way too many people....too loud....all leads to a very long ride home with one whiny, tearful girl.
Glad we went also glad to leave :)
I only got a few pix, but they are cute - we went with our dear friends and E's BFF Jaedyn.

E. and J. talking with the UNC Mascot - she chatted with them and they loved it :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Tonight, as we were getting ready for bed, E. told me "Mommy, I'm so happy this is my home." too E. I'm so happy this is your home!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Fun

It is so much fun to be celebrating a 2nd year of pumpkin carving. This year we added our friends Kenzie and Maddie to the party. The girls had so much fun. Playing in the goo...marking out their pumpkin was such a glorious afternoon...gorgeous weather.
Pumpkin guts....ooey gooey fun!

I really don't even know what to say about the band-aids.... goofy!
Tons of fun was had by all :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The View...

from my front door late this afternoon really took my breath away. 

The light through the tree...the blaze of Fall color. The sweetness of a little girl looking out...I feel so grateful. There is so much beauty to take in....when I slow to look for it.