Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where did May and June Go?

It's July did that happen?

Life has been pretty hectic....sadly. It's funny how during those first few months home time just seemed to crawl and I found myself wishing for the days when we would be able to schedule and do I wish for the days without much on the calendar...isn't that just how it goes?

We have been doing lots of swimming this summer....E is a fish! Our friend Seana has been teaching her lots of new skills - she loves it and will try anything. E. is such a visual learner - she watches the other kids at the pool and pretty soon you will see her trying out what they are doing.

In May, I had the opportunity, through a generous grant from Focus on the Family, to attend a week long training in Dallas. It was a training through the TCU Institute for Child Development. Karyn Purvis, who is absolutely wonderful, was one of the main speakers. She writes and speaks on parenting children at risk - children who have experienced trauma in their early life. If you aren't familiar with her, you must read The Connected Child and check out the fabulous resources available here.

My friend Jana lives in the Dallas area and she and her son Javin came to visit with E.  and I one night - E. absolutely loved her first ride in a convertible!

She also thought Javin was a pretty cool big kid!