Monday, March 26, 2012

Photo A Day - Home

One year ago today we made it home. After the longest 24 hours of our lives, in transit, arriving home was sweeter than I ever dreamed.
E. was such a trouper! I am amazed at her resilience - especially when I consider how low I was running on resilience that day. Without Becky I never would have made it - and I will forever be grateful for her love, support, encouragement, understanding and bravery that day.
After a tremendous melt-down (E's not mine:), waiting for the plane in Moscow, and a huge melt-down over the seat belts she settled in for the rest of the 12 hour flight to DC and the 3 hour flight home. I really thought someone might take her away from me in the ariport due to her volume, kicking and screaming. I truly believe that something in her little spirit sensed the enormity of what was happening - leaving the only home she had ever known.
This was her once she finally gave in to the seat belt and sleep....peace.
Thank the Lord for enough miles to fly home in business class.
Today we celebrate being home a year. With the hope of returning to E's first home someday. God is so faithful.

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