Monday, February 7, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane - Part 2

I am still trying to process all that happened last week. When my agency called on Monday to say I had a court date this week, I have to admit I never believed I would be able to keep that date - it seemed impossible with all the documents required by Wednesday, the need to get a Visa more quickly than the Russian embassy says is possible. It was a God sized job and I watched it unfold! God took care of everything and I am so blessed and humbled.
This weekend I did a ton of shopping - buying gifts for my driver and coordinator and social worker the caregivers in the orphanage - and of all things the judge (what does one buy as a thank you gift for a Russian judge?) It was a bit overwhelming, but also exciting.
I leave tomorrow am and arrive in Russia on Wednesday am. My driver will pick me up at the airport and we will make the three hour drive to region, where my little darling is. On Thursday I will get to spend time with E. - yippeee! On Friday I head to court and then back to Moscow. I fly home on Saturday - I think my head will be spinning by then.
More than anything, I am writing to ask you all to keep praying. God has really put it on my heart that there is a spiritual battle for the lives of orphans - think about it - something dear to God's heart - He makes it so clear that He loves orphans (including us) the enemy would just love to tear that apart - satan is all about attacking what God loves. In addition to that, I tend to struggle with being anxious - especially when I have no control over anything (which, I know, is ALWAYS, but sometimes it's more obvious than others :) So would you please be praying...
• For travel mercies - on time flights, connections made :)
• Safety in the Moscow airport - I am flying in and out of the one that had the bombing a couple of weeks ago - pray that I will be able to find my driver and get out of there quickly
• My health - that He would keep me from getting sick and for strength and energy - I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed - the 3 1/2 years of pursuing adoption are catching up to me! I have to admit there's part of me in quiet moments that thinks - how in the world will I make it through these next three trips? I'm clinging to Isaiah 40:28-31, Gal. 6:9 and Phil. 4:13
• For a sweet time of bonding with E. on Thursday :)
• That God would continue to prepare E.'s heart to leave the orphanage - that He would prepare both of our hearts to bond.
• For court on Friday. That the judge would find favor with me and be more than willing to approve the adoption. That God would give me the right words in answering the questions from the judge and even more importantly that my translator would translate the words the judge wants to hear :) My friend Ann told me it doesn't really matter what you say the translator will translate what the judge wants to hear - that takes the pressure of :)
• Ok this is a long shot and would have to be an act of God - but my request is that the judge would allow just one final trip and not require the usual two additional trips this region requires after court - God may have other plans or reasons He needs me to make a total of 4 trips - but wow would I be thrilled to only make one more trip after this one.

Thank you all so much - not sure what I would do without your love, support and friendship!


  1. I am so happy for you. This is such a wonderful yet "nerve-racking" time! Many prayers for you, E and all those involved. I'm quiet certain that God will continue to make things happen for you as he has this past week. You and E will be a family SOON!!

  2. Praying for you,Kimberly and for little E. Have a wonderful trip!!

  3. Safe travels amd many good thoughts coming your way. You are amost there :)