Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Oh my goodness - I am so excited to report that I have a court date! My adoption agency called me on Monday to let me know that I have court next Friday - February 11th. Amazing.
I cannot believe it but, I will be leaving for Russia on Tuesday! I have a court date on Friday - and when the Judge says yes and signs the documents, E. will officially be my daughter. Woo Hoo!
It was a crazy day - spent ALL day chasing documents, but at 4pm I left them with the DHL shipper and they are ALL on their way to Moscow. Truly an answer to prayer - I will have to post more of the details, because only He could move the mountain of paperwork to make this happen - for now let me just say God is so good.
My coordinator told me over and over that I wouldn't get a court date until everything was in country - BUT God intervened and I have a court date. I never thought I would be able to get all of the paperwork by today (the deadline they gave me or they would cancel court) BUT God intervened and it is all on its way.
So - one big prayer request - I need God to intervene at the Russian embassy in Houston tomorrow - they have a new "rule" that they require three business days from the date they receive your visa request to process the visa - I don't have three business days - I only have two - I am praying that God would burden the heart of whichever official receives the request from the visa company and they would release my visa on Friday so that I will receive it back on Monday. I know He can do it - would you pray with and for me?
Oh my.....E. could be home by mid-March


  1. WOW - I just know it's going to work out and you and E are going to be celebrating a lovely spring home together. :)

  2. Super! I am following this plus a neighbor I have who has court on Feb 13 in Russia... such excitement! And hopefully, two beautiful little girls home with their forever families in March.

    Kathy W

  3. FANTASTIC news :) Fingers crossed that the visa request is processed in two days!!!

  4. I am SO HAPPY for you. I'm praying that all your paper work is processed QUICKLY!!

  5. Oh Kimberly--this is awesome news. You must be crazy busy getting everything ready to be gone. I am so excited for you.