Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Four Weeks and an Update

I think awhile back I mentioned that time both "flies" and "crawls". I can't believe we've been together four weeks. One of my commitments to my little pixie was to keep her world super small during our first month together - to focus on our attachment. I remember asking my friend Lesa before I left on E's gotcha trip to keep me accountable to that commitment, because I knew it would be hard for me. I have many dear friends and I knew I would want them to meet her right away. And here we are, one month in! I am so very glad that I stuck with it and did keep things very small for her - I really feel like we are making strides in our mutual attachment to one another. Our biggest struggle is bedtime - I think it must have been a very scary time for her.

A couple of weeks ago my Auntie Jan (my mom's twin sister) and my cousin Karri came for a visit. It was so special to me. My mom passed away seven years ago - I miss her terribly. She would have just adored E. and I know she would have been here with me during these first few weeks. It meant the world to me that Jan and Karri would fly out to be with us so quickly - it felt a bit like having mom around.
We had a blast and my little pixie just loved them.
Auntie Jan taught E. how to walk on top of her feet - this produced squeals of delight.

Auntie Jan and Karri bought E. an "acheena" and Karri most graciously put it together - 37 steps! Good grief! Here's the success!

Pixie and Syd had a ball playing in the box the Cozy Coupe came in

Since E's birthday happened during the first month she was home I kept her "party" really small - Auntie (my sister) and Syd of course and then Papa (my dad) and Becky (who traveled to Russia with me on the "gotcha trip") and her husband Kelly. We had a great time and E. was so surprised by gifts, and cupcakes. She really didn't know what to think when we sang happy birthday to her - she got this really confused look on her face - it was too cute. Here are some pix - I realized I didn't get a picture of E. with Auntie (or Teetee as E. says) we need to fix that!
Pixie and Papa

Becky and Kelly (or Kewwwie as E. calls him) with E.

E.'s very first cupcake - yummy!


  1. I'm so happy things are going so well for you and E. She is very cute and looks like she's having a great time!

  2. It looks like she had a great birthday. It is great to hear how well things are going in just four weeks. I kept Hannah's world small too and I do think it is the best. I still make sure I am home every night before she goes to bed so even if I have a sitter, I am the only one to put her to bed. Our kids just need that.
    Way to go Mama!