Monday, May 2, 2011

May, Already?

May is here and Miss E. is finally home to enjoy Spring (I have been waiting for this for four Spring times)It's slow to warm up here in the Rocky Mountains, but the tulips are in bloom and the snow we get doesn't stick :)
We had a fun week - with our first trip to the pool (indoor of course). My little pixie is absolutely fearless - she loves the water. I can't believe I forgot the camera - need to remedy that quick.
We played at Emily's house and even went to a super cool park with them. Emily has an amazing back yard too with all kinds of fun toys to climb on, push around and slide down. E. loved the slide into the ball pit!

Not surprisingly, at bedtime that night she looked like this....

E. also loved our trip to the rec center where they open their gymnastics area to toddlers twice a week. We went with our friends Melissa and Jaedyn (who is two :) She loved the balance beam, long trampoline to run on, bounce house, and uneven bars. It was fun to watch her run and jump and explore.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week. So nice to hear of the life you two are settling into--isn't it wonderful.