Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What does E. Love?

She loves to help unload and load the dishwasher...although we still haven't quite gotten the idea that you shouldn't lick every item you put in or take out of the dishwasher....yucky on both accounts!
She loves her bath...sheeesha (not sure if that is even remotely close to the Russian word for bath, but that is what she calls it. She can hardly contain herself.
She loves looking at typically toddler and maybe little girl too? Wherever she catches a glimpse of her reflection (the fridge, the oven door, the bathroom mirror, the light fixture over our kitchen table, even the drain plug in the bath tub) she is enamored :)
She loves to pray....this one just makes my heart sing....she reminds me if it seems like I might forget at nap or bedtime and she bows her little head right along with us at the dinner table. Thank You Lord, that even though she doesn't understand one word she knows there is peace in prayer and it draws her in.
She loves going outside and especially to the park. I am amazed at her fearlessness climbing ladders I'd rather she avoid :)
She loves Sydney and asks about her all day long while she is at school. I love that she does this and it is truly an answer to prayer that they enjoy each other so much.
We've been together three weeks today - so amazing all the things I am learning about her each and every day.


  1. You sure can tell that she loves baths from all the pictures you have shared, E. has a huge smile in every one!

  2. I've just gotten around to reading blogs tonight and I cannot believe I missed your sweet girl coming home. Congratulations on a beautiful little girl. I know you are on cloud nine right now:)