Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Two Weeks

During the day time seems to crawl and then I look at the calendar and realize that E. has been at home for two weeks. That is really amazing! I think after four years on the road to being a mom, honestly, I am still holding back a bit - waiting for the other shoe to drop - I've been protecting my heart for so long - not allowing myself to get my hopes up too high for fear they would be dashed again. And now, she's home and it's really an interesting experience....I'm not even sure I can put it into words, but it seems I need to make a conscious moment by moment decision to celebrate, to find joy in E. and how well she is doing - to find joy in being her mama.
I asked Syd and my sister tonight what changes they've noticed in two weeks and this is the list we came up with...
Her hair is already getting thicker and longer.
She is open to more new foods and will at least try new things. At first she was, understandably, resistant.
Her skin is full of color and her cheeks are fuller (and not only when they are stuffed with food.)
Her receptive language is already growing. I will say to her, "let's go get some socks" and she runs to her dresser and the sock drawer to pick them out.
She smiles more.
Syd says she is much more animated, and I agree.
E. your family adores you!


  1. What a wonderful list. Love works :)

  2. I love all her pictures in your last post. Isn't it fun to think of all the changes. the one that most people noticed for Hannah was that she got more animated the longer she was here--it is amazing to watch their little personalities burst through,