Monday, December 27, 2010

Prayer Requests...

I know there are so many things to be praying for in each of our lives.….the needs are huge! But God is BIGGER!
I wanted to share with you all the ways I am specifically praying and ask that if God puts me or sweet E. on your heart that you would consider praying specifically with me!
Please be praying for E.
• That God would be preparing her heart to leave the only home she has known.
• That God would be preparing both of our hearts to bond and attach as mother and daughter
• That God would surround her with His angels – protecting her, ministering to her, filling her heart with His love as she waits….
• That she would remain healthy and safe! That He would protect her emotionally, physically and spiritually!
Please be praying for the paperwork…I am really feeling that there is a spiritual battle underway to delay the process – the enemy does not want this little girl to have a family and a community that loves Jesus – so prayer is the ANSWER!
• That I would be able to pick up my child abuse clearance tomorrow – those are taking weeks to process, but I’m praying that God intervenes – the child abuse clearance is only good for 90 days – mine expired this month – I applied for a new one two weeks ago.
• That all of my paperwork would get to Russia by 1/10/11 – this is when everyone returns to work there – they celebrate from now until then – New Years and then Christmas is observed on 1/7- Russian Orthodox Christmas.
• That A. would be able to obtain a court date by 1/31/11 – my FBI clearance expires 2/1/11 – I have applied for new clearance, but it is taking about 12 weeks to receive new ones back and this could cause a big problem – DELAY!
• This is a ways out –but it’s on my mind because of my history with international adoption… US immigration paperwork expires 5/2/11 – if I am unable to get her home by then I would have to start ALL OVER – I have already filed for my one free extension – when this expires it expires and you have to start from scratch – which means new homestudy, new application – not only does that translate into thousands of dollars, but the process is taking months…I know the Lord knows all of this…please be praying with me that E. will be home LONG before May 2nd.
Thank you all for standing with me over these past three and a half years….your prayers and love mean the world to me!


  1. Kimberly--I am just catching up on your last few posts.
    Christmas sounds wonderful--you neice is so sweet. What a great family little E. will have to come into.
    So much is going on right now for you--I remember well as it was this exact time last year that I was in between trips. You certainly have every reason and right to feel sorry for yourself with all the paperwork issues but you just let me and all your support people feel sorry for you now and you find the strength to just keep doing whatever you need to do to get back to Russia--no time for pity. I know you are doing that.
    I had to redo my MD papers, my police clearance, and my home ownership papers 3 times each because of errors by the people filling them out or the notaries. I also had to fight my HR dept at work for a week to get to the CEO to sign my employment papers--they kept telling me that only HR did it. ugh. but it all fell into place and I got my dossier sent in just before they closed up for the holidays and then got a court date of Jan. 19--the first day in my region that the courts were back open after the holiday period.
    I will be praying that it all falls into place for you also as well as including the specific prayers you mentioned above.
    Can't wait to hear you are going to court.
    Take care

  2. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts into the universe that all will fall into place. Big hugs.

  3. Just checking in to see if there are any updates on a court date?

  4. Hi Mary - No updates yet - but my paperwork is on it's way to Moscow today so that is good! And so far they've only asked me for one more document :)
    thanks for checking!

  5. Sorry to have been MIA for a while...just catching up. Things seem to really be moving in the right direction, God's direction, for you and little E. My thoughts and prayers are aimed both westward and eastward for the two of you.

    Interesting about the immigration paperwork...mine expires shortly after yours does. Praying that neither of us has cause to do a do-over.

    Big love!