Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I can't believe another one has come and gone. Where does the time go? We had a very nice day. My niece, Syd, opened a truckload of gifts this am. Of course, she enjoyed herself. One of the things she had asked for was a Rapunzel doll from the new Disney flick Tangled - she received one, but it wasn't quite what she had in mind. I think she was hoping for a "Barbie" version - the one she got was almost three feet tall and I think it seemed a little "babyish" to her. Her mom told her that my aunt had sent the gift receipt and she could return it. Right away she said "no, I think I'd like to give it to E. Don't you think she'd like to play with it when she gets home, Auntie?" Awwww - that is just about the sweetest thing - and yes, I think she'd love it. Christmas spirit - thinking of others rather than yourself - from the heart of an eleven year old. Just what I needed.
Hang on E. - your family loves you and can't wait to play with you.

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