Thursday, December 9, 2010

More from Moscow

WOW – I just can’t even begin to describe how the Lord has been moving on this trip. A life changing experience…and not all from meeting my little angel, although that was definitely precious, but more from experiencing the presence of the Lord. His promise to me before I left was from Psalm 139:5 – that He would hem me in – going before and after me and that has been my experience this week. Feeling a sense that I am right in the palm of His hand - in the center of His will. Thank you all so very much for praying – I am 200% aware of those prayers. In each situation I’ve encountered – and there have been some stressful ones – I’ve known His peace (Phil. 4:6).
Today was an emotional day – after much prayer and another consult with the international adoption physician via email I called my coordinator to say yes! I intend to adopt this sweet little girl. She was very happy and excited for me. At 9:30am we headed to orphanage for another visit, then to the notary to sign the intent to adopt paperwork. You really build your patience muscles here – between the traffic and the waiting – nothing happens in a hurry here. It’s been really amazing to just let it unfold – move from one task to the next without having any idea what might be next. I pretty much just go where they tell me and enjoying the view while I’m going.
I am in Moscow proper now– staying right near downtown at a Marriott – feels very much like one at home – such a small world. The drive from my little girl’s region took four hours due to traffic once we were within Moscow city limits. I am here for one night. Tomorrow I have the medical exam and then my translator will take me back to the airport hotel to be ready for my flight home tomorrow.
I wanted to share one sweet story with you. As I was leaving the orphanage today, the caregivers told my sweetie to give me a hug (they did this at the end of each of our 3 visits and mostly she complied – although not really willingly) today she came over and hugged me and as she stepped back she stopped and looked at my face and my eyes – then she put her hand in my hair ever so gently – it was a moment of confirmation for me. Just one of those moments of knowing – she is my girl and I sensed she knows I’m her mama. In each visit I touched her hair this same way and it was
as if she was touching me in the same way I had touched her.
Peace dear friends!

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