Friday, October 29, 2010

Still Waiting...

I wish I could say the waiting gets easier the longer you wait, but it just doesn't. And Friday evenings with no news are the hardest! Knowing that the next possible news is two days away - it feels like an eternity! UGH!
I'm trying really hard to manage my expectations. It looks like trip one will likely be in a couple of weeks - I say that very skeptically, as I've been told "two weeks" for the past three. Sadly, the holidays are rapidly approaching and my adoption agency finally gave me the news that my sweet girl will not make it home before the new year. Since Russia celebrates the holidays for about a month I will probably have court in mid January and a gotcha trip in mid February. I also discovered that the region my girl is in requires 4 trips. Yikes! This means that between court and gotcha there is one additional trip - and rather than 2 weeks between court and gotcha there is about a month.
It's been a rough week - as much as I told myself all along that a Christmas gotcha trip was unlikely - I was holding out hope. Finding out there are four trips required and a longer wait between court and pickup pushed me over the edge a bit.
If I look at just the Russia adoption seven months from start to finish is very speedy! I have nothing to whine about. It's simply hard to pull those seven months out from the last three and a half years of waiting to bring home a child.
I'm holding onto hope....trusting that God has a perfect plan for my family....I'm just doing that through my tears right now.

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