Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fingerprints and Home Deeds and Psych Evals, Oh My!

The amount of paperwork required to adopt a child internationally never ceases to amaze me! And might I just say how sick I am of having my fingerprints taken! Today made just about the millionth time! Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but do fingerprints change? I think not! So taking them twice seems to be over the top - and I have easily been fingerprinted twenty times during this journey!
The day started with the coveted appointment with USCIS to have my fingerprints updated - because, again you know these things change...NOT! I waited two months for this appointment - good grief! For some reason they had no record of needing to update my sister's fingerprints and, of course, at the field office where they scan your fingerprints they cannot take just anyone's fingerprints and they cannot look up adoption applications - must have a letter requesting them! UGH! So, my sister, rockstar that she is, drove across town to the office that specifically handles adoption immigration to request this letter and later drove all the way back to be fingerprinted. I truly appreciate her willingness to do this today - since they say that once they have our "updated" fingerprints my new I600A will take 30 more days to receive.
Next, a phone call from my adoption agency telling me that the certified copies of my home deed already provided are too many pages. They only want page one. So will I please provide two new originals of only page one, notarized and apostilled. ARGHHHH! Frustrating, but doable.
Lastly, this evening a phone interview with a psychologist who will, hopefully, :) write a letter, deeming me to be fit to be a parent.
I know it will all be worth it! And I would do it a hundred times over for my sweet girl! But I must say it is exhausting!

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  1. It is exhausting having to deal with all the paperwork and updating, but things are moving along :) All the steps getting there will become happy (distant) memories once she is home!!!