Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling Grateful

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent most of it feeling blue...

It is the fourth birthday I've celebrated since deciding to pursue International Adoption and still no little girl at home. Wah!

I find myself in need of a serious attitude adjustment....what usually works best for me is focusing on gratitude and so here is just a short little list of what I am trying to focus on...

I am so grateful that I live just about 45 minutes from my state's capital - I can easily drive there (often :) to the SOS office to have things apostilled. Many familys live too far for two trips in one week. I never expected to have the distinction of being known by the folks at the desk at the SOS office - too funny - they actually know me by name! :)

I am extremely thankful that currently obtaining an apostille is free - if you are willing (and I am) to drop off one day and pick up the next. Many states charge $10 or more per document - which easily adds up to hundreds of dollars. For example, today I picked 24 documents!

I am ever so appreciative of my many bloggy and real world adoptive friends that have come into my life since starting this roller coaster ride - thank you for your love, encouragement and support!

I am grateful that my homestudy agency is working with me to quickly respond to new region specific forms needed before I am able to travel for trip one.

I am grateful that I am self-employed and can therefore create my own schedule - allowing me to run all of these dossier errands!

I am thankful - and very excited - that today I shipped off ALL of the region specific paperwork to my agency! Hopefully, clearing the way for trip one in the next few weeks!

And I am infinitely thankful that the Lord is ever so patient with me and my impatience through this whole process.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Kimberly. This is going to a wonderful year for you!!!

  2. Hope your birthday turned out to be a good day--sorry I missed it. I would have given you encouragement.
    As you know--God's timing is not understood by us but is always just right. My friend and I that were waiting at the same time and went through simiiar setbacks kept telling each other--"You are exactly where you are supposed to be". When you meet your daughter you will believe it.
    I just feel that this will be your year and your birthday wishes will finally come true. Can't wait to see how you celebrate next year.