Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fantabulous News!

Well, not THE news, but good news nonetheless!
One of the really frustrating dossier documents for me to obtain was going to be the certificate of assets. In the general dossier instructions, it must be signed by a CPA. Now, I love my CPA - self-employed for the past fifteen years, I would never have made it without her guidance and direction when it comes to accounting - taxes, write offs all of those details! However, after reviewing the document she quoted me $800 to sign off on this document! $800 for one freakin page, people! One page headed overseas! ARGHHHHH!!! Let's just say, I was not pleased with her jacked up price.
Today, my agency sent me the certificate of assets specific to the region my little angel currently lives in - AND - guess who gets to sign that one? ME! WOO HOOO! YEE HAW! AMEN!
I'm so excited and relieved that I will not need to pay for a CPA to sign off. Thank you, Lord!
In other news, we need a new furnace - but, let's focus on the good news :) shall we?


  1. Oh what good news. Her price does sound outrageous and the whole process is so expensive, it is great when you find out you can eliminate one expense.
    Sounds like you are getting closer. Yay!

  2. Oh I am so glad to see this. I am just remembering that i dropped the ball checking on this for you.