Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayer Please!

There is a Christian couple that is very interested in doing foster to adopt for F. and H. - I am praying that God would move mountains for the girls and this will work out quickly so that they only have to move once, from my house to their new family's house. That would be so perfect and just like God to work in that way!

Also - got an update on P. who you may remember from earlier posts was considering me to parent her baby girl - or so she thought. She ended up selecting her aunt and uncle to parent. Anyhow, I just heard she had a baby boy. Sadly, her aunt and uncle declined to parent due to the sex of the baby. And it also turns out the baby has heart defects that will require surgery. P. has decided to parent. Please be praying for healing for her baby and for P. as she parents four kiddos.

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