Friday, October 9, 2009

Sadly, No News

Another Friday with no concrete news. (Insert long, heavy sigh here)
I have to say I was really hoping to have good news today on both adoption fronts - international and domestic - instead it is another Friday of uncertainty.
The birth mom that is considering me did meet with two families this week and she was not impressed, but she has decided to meet with one more before making her decision and apparently there may be a family member that would like to adopt in addition to this family she will meet tomorrow.
As I said in my IA blog - living with uncertainty is exhausting.
I'm trying to remain hopeful and I definitely trust in God's timing. I am also exhausted -physically and emotionally.
I know this will all be worth it someday. I will look back and know that the wait was just a small part of the journey to the family that the Lord intends for me, but right now....well I'm just sad and lonely. (Long, heavy sigh)

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