Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a lovely Easter weekend. It was busy, but really fun. The highlight, of course, being Resurrection Sunday service - celebrating our risen Lord. I feel so grateful that this year I took the time to observe lent and all that it means to deny oneself in preparation for Easter. To identify with Christ's suffering during lent makes celebrating His Resurrection all the more sweet! I hope that as E. gets older and begins to understand this season at a deeper level we will be able to observe together.

On Saturday E. and I spent the day at home in our jammies until much past noon - I love that! We dyed some Easter eggs - oh boy, did she love that!
On Easter, our church had a Sunday service - unusual for us since we worship together on Tuesday nights. It was a beautiful service. Focused on the account of Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene at the tomb. She didn't even realize it was Him - until He said her name....Mary....and in that moment she instantly knew who it was. We talked about what it means to be known by Jesus....He knows our names. Of course, E. had on her Easter finest and looked are some pix.
E. is determined to be a drummer...I'm still holding out for something a bit....different :)

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  1. What a fun fun day--she looked beautiful in her Easter dress!