Wednesday, April 4, 2012


For a long time people would ask E. what was her favorite color or food or some other thing and it was clear she didn't understand the concept - she would just starting listing a whole bunch of the item. Red, blue, pink, brown etc Within the last week she gets it :) It's really cute to hear her talk about how her favorite color is, of course, pink. And her best friend is Abby at Emily's house. And her favorite song is Chris Tomlin's "Unfailing Love". Whenever that song comes on she tells me again that it's her favorite. Sweet.
Tonight we got a box in the mail from my dear friend Linda. We know each other from college days....yes, we go way back :) Linda lives back in my homeland...the valley...Southern California. We don't get to see each other very often and she hasn't gotten to meet E. just yet. Hopefully we can fix that soon. She sent a gift for E. These just might be her new favorite outfit and stuffed animal...
Hugging her new forsey :)
What could be better than a pretty pink tutu? Thank you Aunty Linda!
Here's a link to the Chris Tomlin song, if you're not familiar with it. Click here
It is a truly beautiful song - I love the lyrics. I love that it is E's favorite song.


  1. i had never heard that song before...i love it! and i think it is so amazing that it is E's favorite :)

  2. So cool when they learn new things.
    I remember when Hannah started using the word "favorite". She still overuses it as her favorite changes based on what is the best today but pink is always her favorite color.