Sunday, May 8, 2011

Words, Words, Words

Before I forget them all I want to capture some of the words E. has learned and some of the "Russian" words she uses.
English words she says spontaneously and in the correct context
Doggie - with our dogs as well as calls out the word when she hears other dogs barking - she sometimes still says "babachka" which is the Russian word for a female dog.
"Tay" - she drops the "s" - I must say this often to the dogs because she is always telling them to stay and she puts her hand out to stop them too.
Birdie (she points to them on our walks)
Cold - she definitely lets me know when she is cold it's too cute really
Hot - she says this about food and the oven and the microwave both the ones inside the kitchen and in her kitchen outside on the deck. She also says this about the bath water - the girl likes lukewarm baths - yuck! But I bet she was used to cold ones so anything above cold feels hot to her! She also uses her own Russian word - "harachi".
Book - finally - she loves reading books - I've been waiting for this. I love reading books and she has not been even remotely interested until now.
Yogart - also known as yogurt to the rest of us. She does love yogurt.
Apple - she uses both the sign and the word for this. I've been teaching her some sign language too.
More - mostly comes out moy, moy - but she signs more when she says this so I know that's what she is trying to say.
All done - this gets used frequently :)
"Dink" - she doesn't quite get the dr in drink. She also says "peach" not sure if that's the Russian word for drink or not?
"Anana" - she drops the B - she also uses the sign for Banana :)
"peeping" - she drops the "SL" so it comes out peeping, but she definitely means sleeping
"Tash" - this is trash - and she loves to pick it up and throw it away for mama - you gotta love this - unless you're trying to get the girl to focus on something else :)
Sock - this is one of the first words she learned - she understood it right away - I would say "let's go get some socks" and she would run into her room to the sock drawer - I wish I could remember her Russian word for it - she doesn't say it any more :(
Shoes - another first word - and she had a Russian word too that I already can't remember - bummer.
Cereal - she asks for this every morning and knows the sign for it too.
Cookie - she learned the sign for this one from a kids DVD on signing we watched twice - she hadn't ever even eaten a cookie at the time - but of course it's one of the signs and words she remembers :)
Yucky - I love her facial expression when she says this one
And of course, the word every toddler knows - No! She still uses nyet sometimes and her version of this which is "nay", but she definitely knows the English counterpart as well :)

E's "Russian" Words
"Shee-sah" - her favorite - the bath - she also sometimes says "bap" which I think is her way of tryign to say bath.
"Bwa-na-na" - my interpretation of this word is "there it is!" or "I found it" she is always really excited and pointing at what she was looking for when she says this.
"Net-toe" - this is the opposite of Bwa-na-na - means I can't find it - it's not here
"A-ko-chee" - I'm pretty sure this one is swing - she waves her arms up and down like she's on the swing at the park when she says this one.
"Babachka" - doggie
"A-doot-koo" - pillow
"e-cok" or "a-cok" - both mean help me
"a-mom" - definitely means "I do it!" she is very emphatic about this one sometimes!
"a-cheena" - she still uses this one for car - she will repeat the word car when I say it, but she never spontaneously says car - always acheena
"Paka" - bye bye - she says bye bye much more often than paka now
"pick" - jump - she jumps when she says this - it's really cute and good since the Child Find folks say I need to work with her on jumping and increasing her stability when she does jump - just wish I could get the monkey to stop jumping on the bed :)
"nee-ko-chee" - I don't want that! Said with a bit of a yell and a whine! Whatever "that" happens to be - sometimes it is neekochee yogart or neekochee turkey or neekochee bedtime!


  1. Hi Kim, words can't be found to let you know how happy Sharon and I are for you.

    Do you remember when The-Experience was just starting and you mentioned to us that what you wanted most was to be a Mother.

    We talked about the option to adopt.

    Well who knew then the journey you would take and the blessing you would receive at the end.

    you have a beautiful girl and I know you will be a great Mom.

    Just want you to know how happy we are for you and look forward to each journey you share.

    Gods Blessings and Love,

  2. I hope that your first Mother's Day was awesome!

  3. So good that you wrote this down. I wish I had done that, especially with the Russian words. The only Russian one she still uses is Kaka as in "Are you going pee or kaka?"

    I don't remember many Russian words myself but the Russian word for drink is peet.

    What an amazing little girl you have.

  4. LOVE these updates, but please, MORE PICTURES!

    She's really learning things quickly...amazing isn't it?