Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I cannot believe I am writing this as E. sleeps peacefully next to me.
I am so grateful for all of your prayers – what a journey this has been! Almost four years in the making…couldn’t have gotten here without each of your love and support and prayers. So thank you seems so insufficient.
The trip home was LONG – but after getting over her distaste for the seatbelt on the airplane, E. was quite the trooper. The flight from Moscow to DC was just over 10 hours and the flight from DC to Denver was about 3 ½ - by the time we got home we had been traveling over 24 hours – UGH! So very grateful that is done!
Leaving the orphanage was really heartbreaking – it was clear that she had made some attachments there – and we all cried as she left – including her favorite caregiver Lydia. Of course, orphanage life can never compare to family life and it is going to be amazingly sweet for her to have a family rather than just caregivers, but it was heartbreaking to leave nonetheless.
I’m adding a couple of pix – one from bath time in Moscow – which she absolutely loved - and one from playing with crayons – she thinks it’s way more fun to see how many crayons she can hold in one hand than to actually color.
I promise to post more soon, but for now she is just waking up from her nap.


  1. Welcome home, E and Kimberly!! I am so happy for you both! She is such a beauty!

  2. We're all so glad to have you home, Kimberly and E!

  3. oh--Kimberly--this is the post I have been waiting for and I am crying happy tears as I read it. I know the agony of the long wait and I know the joy of having your perfect daughter home with you--how amazing.
    Hannah did not know how to color when I got her at almost 4 years old--she just took the crayons and made one mark on each page of the color book. Now she colors like a pro.
    I also love your bath pics--they reminded me of my time in Moscow. We only had a shower in our region hotel and Hannah did not like that but she loved loved her bath in Moscow--I got to hear her laugh loud and lots--it was a beautiful sound. She still loves her bath--now with many toys in the tub too.
    Be kind to yourself and be patient--the adjustment takes a lot out of you but enjoy every moment--being Mama is the most amazing thing ever.
    By the way--she is absolutly beautiful--but you knew that already!

  4. Welcome home! Welcome to motherhood! So delighted to see pictures of your sweet girl!

  5. Can you believe it--my verification word for the first comment was "mater"!! (That's mother in Latin).