Saturday, January 15, 2011


A few more tidbits of information trickled in this week. The second half of my dossier made it to my region on Thursday. I am told it will take one week to translate and then they will pursue a court date. Woo hoo! So exciting.
I received my new FBI clearance yesterday - hurrah! I sent that along with several other documents that they requested.
Will probably be a quiet week - I don't expect to hear much before the week of January 24th.
I continue to pray for E's emotional, spiritual and physical health and safety while she waits....I know that her world continues as it always has and she likely isn't very aware that she is waiting...but my heart is dreaming of all the ways I will get to lavish love on her. Almost daily Sydney is asking me, "do you think E. will like this....."(insert whatever has caught her attention at the moment...playing a card game, a certain song, going for a walk with the dogs etc) I don't want her to wait even more day to be with her forever familiy.
Hold on Little E....mama's coming!

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  1. oh--the waiting is so hard but it sounds like good news--praying for a quick court date. tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my "Yes" day--the day the judge said Yes-I will grant your petition and you are now the girls's mother! I still remember it well. You will know soon.