Sunday, June 9, 2013


In a word, that is E., courageous! Today we went swimming with friends outside and E. says she wants to jump off the diving board...and she meant it. I have to admit I was's over 8 feet deep in the deep end - ok maybe only 6....but still, she's not even three feet and the girl hasn't even had one swimming lesson yet! But my dear friend Seana, who is also a swim teacher was confident for her - if she wants to do it she'll do it. "I can do it, mom!" she tells me confidently. they went. E. waited in line with Seana and Syd and watched as other kids flipped off the thing and swam to the side. She climbed the few steps walked out to the end.....deep breath (from mommy not her) and she jumped. No hesitation, no turning back she jumped! She came up, no panic, she started paddling for the side - it took her longer than most kids, but she made it. And she was thrilled. "I did it!, she squealed and she was ready to go again.
Oh how I wish I had my camera. I reflect on her little life that word truly describes her. And I just know it will serve her well throughout life.

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