Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Applying for a Social Security Number

Today I went to the dreaded social security office. It's one of those necessary tasks that I've put off...I've had all the necessary paperwork for a couple of months, but just didn't want to hang out at the social security office for an hour or more for my turn. So, today I made the drive and waited for my turn. I was pleasantly surprised that the whole application process took less than a half hour. Woo the interesting part was all of the questions the agent felt free to ask me. So odd the questions people feel it's OK to ask. He wanted to know, "why did you go all the way to Russia?" and "there is no father? just you?" and "does she have family in Russia?" and "so, you've never been married?" I mean, really? I'm sure he was just curious, but really, people you've just met and aren't entering into a friendship with - ought to be a bit more sensitive. Don't ya think?
Oh's done.


  1. Yeah--I was surprised by how easy getting a social security card was too.

    I checked out at Target the other day and a young girl was at the check out --she asked tons of questions too. I didn't really like her questions but she was so bubble and eager that I stocked it up to curiosity--and she kept saying "That is so neat". the one thing she said that bothered me was "But she doesn't look Russian". I just don't think Hannah needs to hear that--she obviously doesn't look like me and when people point out that she doesn't look like her natural ethnicity, I worry about how she will feel--like she doesn't look like anything, doesn't fit in anywhere?? Maybe it won't affect her like that but I worry.

    I do think that most insensitivity is ignorance but it still affects our kids the same.

  2. I came across your blog, as my husband and I are adopting from Vladimir, and I on a hunt for any information I can get!! I'd love to be able to email you and ask a few questions if you wouldn't mind. You can email me at