Friday, September 23, 2011

Six Months

Amazing.....together six months. I truly never thought I'd get to write those words. I savor them now. Knowing that I am on the other side of the journey to adoption and living the journey of an adoptive family.
On Tuesday night at church we will baptize E. and Mike has asked me to share about what God has taught me on this journey. To prepare I've spent time going back through my blogs and my journal to remember all that God has done. It truly was an encouraging endeavor.
E. you have been prayed for since before you were born. God clearly intended for us to be a family and I feel so grateful.
Happy six months together! Whee! What an amazing ride!


  1. Happy Six months as a family!! How amazing.
    We just passed the 18 month mark and I have been thinking alot lately about how blessed I am, how amazing this journey is, and how much I have learned from this little sweetheart. The rewards of patience and persistence are one of the biggest lessons. So glad we never gave up on finding your daughters! Our lives are so much richer for it.

  2. Wow, it's been six months! What a lovely thing to celebrate. And then it will be a year, and like Mary, 18 months, and it will just keep going and growing. Happiness.