Wednesday, August 31, 2011

E's Mommy

E. is very adamant that I am HER mommy - as opposed to anyone else's, I suppose. My friend Becky watched E. for me on Sunday and she mentioned that after I left E. told her over and over again that I am her mommy. Today, when I dropped her off at Emily's, I heard her telling the other kids and Emily - "E.'s Mommy" multiple times.
I have to wonder if she isn't just so thrilled to have her own mommy - she doesn't have to share. I wonder if she is reminding herself when she says it over and over again - "that's my mom....mine!" What must it have been like to spend her first almost three years without this? Oh, how I wish I could have brought you home forever the day you were born.
Yes, E., I am YOUR forever mommy. Forever! And I'm mighty proud of it.


  1. Ithink some of it may be her fear that some one will take you away from her. Isn't it wonderful to hear how much she wants to stay with you? Just keep reassuring.
    Hannah still runs up to me when any other kid is getting my attention--she wants me for herself.
    some of it may just be normal kid stuff too--At Hannah's daycare, all the kids announce who's mom is arriving every time. I always hear "It's Hannah's mom". Matching parents to kids seems to be a big thing to them. I think it helped Hannah learn that every kid has their own parents and they always stay the same.

  2. Oh, this made me very weepy. E, YOUR mommy is awesome!