Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dossier Prep X Cajillion

Have been working feverishly on my dossier prep. Oh so frustrating! I think my window of stress tolerance is very small these days!
Yesterday I had a few hours in the morning to work on some forms. I went to have my passport copied. Then I ran over to the bank to have a bunch of things notarized. I hate that part, because I'm just not a details person so I have to go in and give all these directions and sometimes the notary will really listen and sometimes we end up having to make more copies and start over because the notary uses black ink and not blue, or they don't put my full name on the document argghhhhh!! This signing session went pretty smoothly (the notary actually listened to what I needed and seemed to care!) and I still had enough time to get downtown to the SOS office (for those outside the world of International adoptions - SOS = Secretary of State) to have the documents apostilled - so I was feeling pretty good!
I made the drive in good time with no traffic it only took 35 minutes - I found parking with minimal hassle - still feeling really good! Made my way up to the SOS office and found the right desk for the apostilles and......that's where the good feelings stop! The clerk took my documents and typed the notary's name in her computer - she made a face - and not a happy one - it was a scrunched up face that looked none too pleased. She told me she was going to get a second opinion because she is really picky, but the signature on my documents for the notary does not match the signature they have on file for her. Seriously???? Minutes later she comes back to say nope, they won't apostille any of these documents because the signatures don't match - in fact, not even close. I stumbled out of there barely making it to the elevator before the tears start. Poor guy riding in the elevator with me had to listen to me sniffle - he was clearly wishing he'd have caught the next one!
Sigh....I realize this seems trivial....but it's just all so tiring and I've been at it for three years! I know it will all be worth it one day, but right now it just pisses me off!!!
I started over today - haven't made it back downtown - but I will!

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  1. UGH! I'm crying with you, Kimberly! THAT is ONE frustrating day! When we embarked on our second adoption which led straight to our third, we enlisted a friend to fill out the (very simple) form, paid the $25 for her and she became a notary. Now, we have at our beckon call someone to notarize the mountains of paperwork we always seem to have. Oh, and she's free! Just a thought.......