Monday, August 5, 2013

E. Funny....

Tonight we were having a tickle fight and I pretended to take E's ear off her head....she of course thought that was hysterical and joined right in the fun trying to get it back from me. Here is the conversation that ensued...
E. "give it back"
M: " you have to pay me with three hugs and kisses"
E. looks puzzled...."no, give it back"
M: "as soon as you pay me with three hugs and kisses"
more tickling and finally 3 hugs and one kiss...
a restored ear.
E. says she is taking my nose and my ear...she is not as gentle as I am in the removing of body parts :)
M: "give me my nose and my ear back....I need them"
E: "no"
more tickling
M: "what can I give you so that you will give me my nose and my ear"
E: completely straightfaced and hand out...."eight dollars"
No hugs and kisses will do...cold hard cash.....too funny!

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