Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Death of .....a nap :(

Ever since E. first came home -  almost 18 months ago - I can't believe it - she has napped, daily! This summer saw the death....of a daily nap. I've heard other moms talk about grieving this, now I'm living through it. It's a tough one - she plays so hard...she really still needs it, but she refuses. And how do you make someone sleep...especially a four year old someone? You don't. It's been and some days still is, a tough transition...especially on grouchy days, where a nap would be so sweet. But she's a big kid, she'll tell you and naps are for babies...sniff...sniff...insert stuck out lower lip here...from mom :)
She's growing up...too fast. 

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  1. Lots of parents say they loved the end of naps because their whole day was free now but..I missed the naps. Maybe as single moms we relish that quiet hour or two more than others.
    they do grow up so fast!