Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eleven Months

When I started typing the title for this entry, blogger typed ahead for "eleven weeks". When E. first came home, last March, I was posting in weeks and keeping track of how many weeks we had been a family - I remember being so overwhelmed with joy and also exhaustion. So thrilled to be her mama and yet oh so overwhelmed as well. No one can really prepare you for how difficult it will be - for how inadequate you will feel - for how challenging and humbling it will be. The joyful part you can imagine....and it is that, but there is just so much that you just can't know until you kmow? :)
But as the weeks roll into months it just gets better and better...I am still exhausted (will I ever not be? :), but not nearly so overwhelmed, and the joy....well it just keeps coming.
Happy 11 months E. love, Mama

I know this is an oldy - from our Christmas with Papa, but I love the look on her face. She was just so thrilled with this pink scooter from Papa!

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