Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Months

My top ten favorite things about honor of our ten months together :)
1. Her giggle....nothing delights my heart more than hearing that delightful little giggle...especially when it turns into an all out squeal.
2. The way she anticipates the last page of books. In one of our favorites, "Perfect Piggies" by Boynton (gotta love her!), the last page of the book ends with the piggies going wee, wee, wee, all the way home - which of course, I must act out with all kinds of high pitched "wee's" and tons of tickles. E. loves this and anticipates it from page one....she starts giggling about how I will tickle her at the end on every page we read - the build up is as much fun as the finale :)
3. She is a little negotiator and most....ok well maybe not most, but many times it is a complete crack up....sometimes I just need her to put on her pj's :) "right back, mama" she'll tell me when she is off to do something and doesn't want me to come with her.
4. Her hugs and kisses...
5. Her "I love you, mamas!"
6. Her love for all things outside...even if it's 20 degrees outside she is determined to play outside. She will play on the trampoline until her fingers are little icicles and still refuse to come inside.
7. The way she sings Jesus Loves Me... I have got to get a video of it.
8. The way she loves her friends. And she has many of them. When we got to church the other day she bumped into a friend, Weston, that she hadn't seen in awhile - she squealed with delight (and so did he) and they gave each other a huge hug. I just love the way she is surrounded with love.
9. Her prayers at's really hard to re-create in's clear she speaks from her heart.
10. Her determination...she rarely gives up, though she will ask for help. This will serve her well throughout life.

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  1. What a precious little girl. It sounds like you have described a combination of things are inately her and things that are a result of having a wonderful loving mother. Happy 10 months together.